Sunday, 15 July 2012


So we were sitting the Emergency ward me and a few other residents (one of whom is a Muslim non veiled girl because yes, they've become a ridiculously rare breed in the public sector) and we had two patients that needed an incubator. One let's call Mohammed, the other let's call Peter.

They both needed to get operations done and they were both in pretty bad shape.

Now, amazingly enough, we actually had an empty incubator available. Fucking fantastic, only until you realize I used the singular version of the word. Thankfully, it wasn't our choice; the ICU surgical resident (who gets to decide) decided to choose Peter (for actual medical reasons, he had a somewhat better prognosis), and we had to somehow explain to Mohammed's parents that Peter was going in and Mohammed wasn't.

They didn't take it too nicely.

Here's what they said and forgive me if it's not word for word:

"Well OF COURSE you're going to pick the Christian kid. This is what happens all the time everywhere. We get treaded on while the Copts get all the special treatment. It's not fair."

This was of course directed to my non-veiled colleague.

My Muslim non-veiled colleague.

Let's break this down and go over that sentence again.

Mohammed's mother,

1- Assumed the doctor was a Christian and so gave preferential treatment. This is fine. I'll forgive her for that. I've seen it happen before and I don't really mind it. I've never seen it during a critical call though. Just silly shit like donations and stuff.

2- ACTUALLY fucking said, "This is what happens all the time".  Here. In Egypt.

In a Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt.....
......During the aftermath of what was possibly the worst year Copts have had to endure when it comes to death.

3- Further reassured her point by saying "It's not fair"

Fucking Copts. Seriously you guys, aren't you all going to die already? Your 10% is totally putting a damper on the 90%.

Rest assured, I explained the situation to her, not calmly of course.
I told her why Peter was chosen. I had a beard. She had to listen to me.
And all was well (until he arrested and died but that's not the point).

You might be wondering, "Well, doc, it DOES happen! I've seen Christians give other Christians preferential treatment or whatever"

You probably have, and that's your fault. Majorities have to to tend the minorities and let's face it, we haven't been a pleasant majority now have we.

Everytime you wonder why some Christians give other Christians preferential treatment, remember the last time you said something along the lines of
"Oh man, it's a shame he's a Copt."

It's our fault for putting them in that particular situation, and if anyone needs to start a peaceful (and non hateful) coexistence, it should be the majority.

Funny end to this story: The resident (non veiled) came up to me and said, "How do I prove to them I'm a Muslim?"

I told her to tell them the Shahada (There is no God but Allah) so that they'd think they converted her out of shame.

She didn't.

Some people can be such spoilsports sometimes.


  1. Seriously i feel off my high horse.. brilliant imagery.. and blogshining from the ER is quite noble.

  2. Two things:

    1- Still can't wrap my head around the amount of indignation you have to swallow down every day.

    2- (I see someone's becoming a bit more capable of accepting death, if not entirely glossing over it. ;) )

  3. i can't stop laughing mog...this is really good!! though this may sound a little harsh to some ppl considering the fact we're talking bout serious situations at the time...anyway i loved the they listened to me talking cuz i had a beard part!! i guess the unveiled dr was too busy giving the preferential treatment to say the shahada just to piss them off