Friday, 6 May 2011

Demons and Drugs.

This'll be the last story I tell about my days in the Psych ward.

After a week in the ward, I decided to sit in during one of the psychotherapy sessions between a doctor and a patient.. I asked both the patient and doctor for permission to sit and they both agreed. Little did I know, I was about to witness some 'crazy ass shit'.

During the entire session I didn't speak or make a single expression. I remained silent and kept my cool. You'll understand how hard this was in a minute.

The psychiatrist started:
"So how are you feeling today?"

"You know how I feel. I feel like shit."
"What's going on? Why do you feel like shit?"
"It's because I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I think he's going to come and kill me."
"Who's going to come and kill you?"
"You know god damn well who's going to kill me!"
"No. I don't. Who's going to kill you?"

Are you ready for this? 

"Amr Diab."
"The singer?"
"Yes the goddamn singer. He wants to kill me. He knows I'm onto him and now he wants to eliminate my existence."
"What's the big secret about him?"
"If I tell you you're going to laugh. You won't believe me. But one day, I swear, ONE DAY, you'll read the newspapers and find out I was right."
"I'm not going to laugh. I promise. Just tell me what the big secret is."

".................He's a demon."
"Excuse me, a what?"
"A demon. He's not human. I know this because every time I see his face on the television, I see the real him. He's a devil. He wants everyone to listen to him and that's how he possesses people! He's done it to my brother, god rest his soul."
"What happened to your brother?"

"He was killed by Amr Diab."

I need to mention that she actually laughed. I was pretty horrified. It was hilarious but still fucking horrifying to think that this man genuinely thought Amr Diab was a demon trying to kill him.

"Why would Amr Diab kill your brother?"
"Because my brother was a better singer than he was. Amr Diab couldn't handle street performances. That's where my brother shone, and that's when Amr Diab came and ran him down in a car. They could never prove it was him driving the car. But it had to be him."

"If he killed your brother, don't you think he's had enough? Why would he come chasing after you now?"
"Because I know who's even higher in the hierarchy, but you won't believe me.."

"Tell me already. Who's controlling Amr Diab?"

"Shhhh... It's Hosni Mubarak. He's a demon too. He's not human."

We eventually wrapped up the session and he left. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy. I know it's hilarious to think that Amr Diab is a serpent demon that can possess people through the television, but this man genuinely believed that to be true.

I was curious about the patient so I talked to the doctor.
I asked her what she thought the diagnosis was.
So she told me this:
"Delusions of Persecution, Psychosis and Hysteria brought upon by Drug Abuse."
My next question was almost immediate:
"What kind of fucking drugs was he on? Acid? LSD? "
"No, he tested negative for hallucinogens. But he smokes a ton of hash."

I didn't question her. I should've. The stoner within me wanted to scream out


But I didn't. Because then I'd have to explain why I was defending this 'horrible' drug.

I put 'horrible' in quotation marks because horrible here is a synonym for fantastical and magical.

It's sad that hash is getting such a bad rap too. It's such a half assed diagnosis, especially in Psychiatry. I mean what sounds more plausible here:

  • He loved his brother alot. He was walking down the street and a car came in and smashed into his brother and ran off. As the car sped off, all he could hear was the new Amr Diab song in the car.



Yeah, I didn't fucking think so.


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  2. awesome am spreading and sharing ya mog

  3. I'm also a foreigner, finished imtiaz from kasr el ainy, and now I'm a psych resident in demerdash, and smoke a 'lil hash here and there so I know where your coming from on this one, but THC in hash and weed has been proven to cause psychosis, you should read up on the issue before disregarding the dx completely.

    Have you ever thought that this patient smoked hash everyday and listened to amr diab everytime he smoked(which is what the majority of egyptians do) and when his psychosis developed amr diab's voice was there to fuel his delusions.

    Regardless, I really like your blog, keep up the writing, you have a long year ahead of you and lots of things to write about.

  4. Thanks Maged. I really appreciate your feedback. I'm sure its possible but cannabis has proven to trigger temporary psychotic behavior (for as long as the drug lasts in the system) unless you have a psychotic predisposition in the first place. Obviously i'm not advocating the use of THC (try as I might though :p ) I'm just saying the psychiatrist shouldn't be so quick to label it as cannabis induced. I'd much rather favor the gateway drug explanation (much as i hate it but it is true nevertheless) and that his frequent cannabis use probably led him to other more powerful drugs (kemya men el akher) Good luck in demerdash!