Sunday, 24 April 2011

Count From 10 To 1 Slowly Pleas....Oh Shit Cockroach! *SQUISH*

Yeah okay so we're not too hygienic in Kasr Al Ainy.

But can you blame us?

Yes.. Yes you can.

It's not just the lack of hygiene we've got in the hospital that's the problem. It's the absolute neglect of even attempting to stick to even our own sub-standard hygiene code. It becomes especially hilarious when it becomes contradictory. Here's an example:

I was prepping up to attend my first surgery. There's a whole system to how you have to wash your hands. It's very thorough and specific and once you've got the garb and gloves on you absolutely cannot touch anyone or anything except for the equipment and/or the patient's body. So I washed up, had someone help me wear the garb (he was washed up too) and wham bam I'm in the Operating Room. Now, I'm an intern, so most of the time I usually just watch and pretend I understand what it is the surgeons are doing. So I kept my distance and watched . I folded my arms and observed without making much noise. Suddenly, my resident looked at me and told me,

"Go wash up again now. You broke the rules."
"What? What the fuck? I didn't touch anything?"
"You folded your hands."
"But I washed them! I did. You saw me wash them!"
"Your hands touched the garb when you folded them. Go wash up."

So I did as I was told and I went back inside, and I was extra careful to not touch anybody.  Then the fucking nurse bumped into me.

"What the hell Dr. A? Go wash up again."
"Are you serious? She grazed my ass. That's it. Nothing else. I'm pretty certain my ass isn't going to come in contact with the patient."
"It's protocol. "

So I went again.

This happened 3 more times. 

My hands resembled the face of an 87 year old woman. Finally, the operation was over and we got out of our suits but still wore our scrubs (that were also sterile and kept in the ward). My resident told me not to worry and that, during his first surgery, he had to scrub up 5 times as well. He just told me that the more surgeries I get to attend, the more cat-like my reflexes become in avoiding contact with anything. So I asked how many surgeries were left and he said a couple. So we went outside and smoked a cigarette  and walked back in. He told me he'd meet me in the OR and I said alright. I went back and got another set of scrubs because I compromised my old ones by stepping outside in the filth infested hallways of our hospital. After getting dressed and scrubbing up, I noticed they started the operation already so I went in quickly.

Here's an important note: The hospital itself has scrubs that it gives to people who don't own their own. The hospital sterilizes its shit. So, though the scrubs may look worn out by dozens of sweaty surgeons, they're clean. You can own your own scrubs but they should also be left in the lockers so they get sterilized with the rest.

That's when I saw it.

The fucking resident was wearing the same goddamn scrubs he wore outside. This is the same resident that told me to fuck off when my ass grazed a nurse wearing sterile scrubs.

After the operation was over, I talked to him about it. I asked him why he didn't change into the scrubs that were sterilized in the OR.

"Oh no, these are my own scrubs. I don't have to borrow them from the OR. I'm sure they're clean."

He was sure they were clean. We smoked a cigarette, squashed a cockroach outside, and met friends and did the customary hug and this mother fucker is SURE his scrubs are clean.

I can't wait to be a resident.

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